Friday, January 23, 2015

San Antonio Missions

We were able to bike along the Mission Trail in San Antonio... We visited two of the Missions.

The first one is the largest 'Mission San Jose'
The wall around the Mission
 Inside the Guard Tower
 A Natives home... 2 rooms..
The main court yard had a few of these ovens

The circular stairs to the Bell Tower
Back side view of the Cathedral
Running Water (after you ran  to get the water to the fill cistern:)
I love arches...and had to include this picture...
The Cathedral is used for weekly services.
This Mission was restored to it's original design in the 1930's
I hope this isn't picture overload... but the other Mission we visited was "Mission San Jose"
 The walls around this Mission did not seem to have been restored.
 The Cathedral...which is also still in use!
What I found so that someone lives in this house on the property...
I'm thinking it is the priest

These Missions were built in the 1700's...and life within the walls was very interesting!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Biking San Antonio

Our bikes were ready.... and we weren't disappointed!
 Miles and miles of paved biked paths!! Right along the San Antonio River.
We hit the trails at the RV park...and biked downtown.
The second day we biked the trails to  San Antonio Missions!

 The trail we biked was only one of many that are in San Antonio!
Biking is a wonderful way to see parts of the city...that you would otherwise never see!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

San Antonio

I have wanted to visit San Antonio for years! 
And here we are....A city filled with history!
You have to visit the Alamo!
This was a Mission built in the 1700's. In the 1800's it became know as El Alamo...the Spanish word for the nearby cottonwood trees . 
The Alamo became the symbol of Texas' struggle for independence in 1836.

The River walk....
one of the main reasons I wanted to come to San Antonio...
It was planned and built because of the floods in 1921. 
Over the years it has evolved into what it is today.
A beautiful place to stroll and shop if you wish!
The Villita... 
It was San Antonio's first neighbourhood, a settlement of primitive huts near the Alamo. 
19th Century immigrants created a pleasant mishmash of architectural styles that are used today as an art community...

Market Square is the historical center and heart of the city's Mexican culture.  
Lots of shops, food and cultural events.

Main Plaza 
 the heart of San Antonio and location of the San Fernando Cathedral 
the oldest Cathedral in Texas
Before we left...we had to eat right beside the Riverwalk!

This is just a few of the things to could spend days visiting, shopping and eating here!!

Monday, January 19, 2015


 Our first stop was in Hill Country about half way through Texas!
It was nice to get off the Freeway and travel a back road to Fredericksburg.
It is a quaint town with lots of character buildings.

 They have lots of neat little shops,,,, it has been years since I have seen a 5-10-25 cent store:).... 

We had breakfast at a German Cafe... I had to have German Pancakes!
It definitely would be nice to visit this area in the spring...when the Bluebonnets are blooming!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Drive by Views....

East Arizona...

 New Mexico....
  We left the warmth for rain and a truck filled highway
But life is good!

That's it for now..,