Wednesday, March 30, 2011

RV ing

Brian and I have been RVing for about 2 years.  In case you have never RV'd, let me take you on a little tour of what we see....
We park our little rig among the big rigs!
Happenings around the park....
Lots of golf carts...the bigger the park...the more the carts!!
Lots of dog walkers with their poo bags....
Pool bobbing (every park has these...its amazing how they bob on the noodle and talk for hours!)
Hot Tub problem solvers....(how can they sit in there in the heat of the day beats me!)
Sun sitters...
Water aerobics..
Shuffle Players
Pool Players
Bikers (they are all  in the rec room playing poker!)
Wild Drivers

 Crafts of all sorts!
I could go on and on with pictures... plus the people you meet! Each park is like a big family. A year ago I would of thought this life was a bore...but I tell you it grows on you.... Can't wait until we can come back!!!

That is it for Mesa

Mesa they say has the best Swap Meet in Arizona. If you walk the whole market you will have walked one and a half miles. There are 1600 vendors. We visited it early on Sunday morning. The parking  lot was only half full, so it was not to busy....yet. 
 These pictures are of one tent. I took the pictures from the middle of the tent. There are 4 of these tents.
When we left, the parking lot was overflowing...vehicles waiting to take your spot. A great place to visit...just go early unless you like crowds.

It seems that every other person you talk to golfs in Arizona...Brian and I decided to try it at Mesa. There was a 9 hole course in our park so we gave it a try...
Well it was just a miniature golf course...but it was good enough for me... I am sure someday Brian would like to golf the real thing! (by the way...I beat Brian)
We did try a bit of geocaching..
We have opposites ways of finding the find..... Some trips are quite interesting...
I know it's in this park.... and when the geo caching says 'Arriving'... Brian is skeptical... 
We found the spot...but that was all we found.. 
Well THAT was a  great time in Mesa....and northwards we go!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This Around Mesa

That around Mesa will come tomorrow....THIS is what we experienced today! I was told by friends that when in Mesa we had to visit Organ Pizza. Others mentioned it was not a big thing. Brian and I had to explore this for ourselves. It was about 4 miles from our RV park. We hopped on our bikes and away we went.
The restaurant is not much to look at from the outside.
When you enter, this is the order your food;  order your drinks;  seat yourself (there are long row tables, so you sit family style) and wait for your number to appear on the board.
This is what the stage looks like.
With our luck as soon as our food number comes up...
Music starts playing and the organ starts rising....
We found it totally entertaining! The sound amazing. There were pipes, piano and percussion instruments on the ceiling and walls. Puppets danced at times to the music, lights flashed, bubbles came from the ceiling.  Song requests were played, birthdays or anniversary's celebrated. We felt was a must see experience!
We would of loved to stay longer...but we had to bike home before dark! But we did stop for coffee..
Picked up a bad we didn't have any one to share it with tonight! 
It was a Chocolate Cream Turtle Pie...
It was a beautiful evening! (But I will have to jog tomorrow morning!)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Boot Shopping

We have a granddaughter who has horses. She was only able to ride one horse....the other horse...well she needed someone to ride with her. Brian having been raised on a farm..with horses was game to go! He quite enjoyed himself...but thought if I am riding I need boots. (?) So for his birthday his kids gave him money to purchase Cowboy Boots!!

Women always get a hassle...from the men when they are shopping. But have you ever shopped for Cowboy boots with a Man?
The shopping began in Yuma. He found the store. He went shopping by himself for a half an hour. Then he looked on the internet at the website. Then he took me to the store. We were there for 45 minutes...but he could not decide.

We biked by a Boot Barn in Tucson where he found the boot he liked. We were there for  two hours...and I was very patience getting his sizes, checking with clerks.
He could not make up his mind... When he finally did...they didn't have his size. But apparently the Boot Barn in Mesa had them.
When we got to Mesa...the boots in his size were gone... I gave him the ultimatum. We have already looked know what you want...we are not starting all over again! And in 10 minutes ....He found the boots in Mesa!
All of this was well worth it. Next time he does this...
He'll do it style...hopefully without the SNOW!!!