Monday, June 29, 2015

Projects...Done!...... on the Go!

Hubby went on the annual 'boys' fishing trip.... and I got to get some of my projects done.
I completed and framed my annual Christmas Ornaments for the Grands....
I'm down to only 5 a year!!
(The fronts can't be case someone is looking!)

The quilt I started in Yuma 
I was determined to finish this summer...on the road or not!
 I made sure I had all the hand quilting done..and had it squared before I left my sewing room...I just had the binding left to do!
It's now finished.... except for the coffee stains...and places pricked by finger...
Any suggestions on how I should treat it before I wash it?
I make the back a little different....using up some blocks from scrap material !!
I put together a pillowcase.... to store the quilt in until it is used!
Once the quilt is washed it will be put away for the Grand's birthday.....

And that's it for quilting...until I'm in my home in Arizona...the RV is a challenge for large projects!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Chapter One..

It's been almost two weeks since we have been living in our little RV. The first week was rainy...but we did get out and do some biking.

The park we stayed at was right by the it was beautiful...when it wasn't raining!!

We took a day a little town ..Benalto.

 And they sold furniture.... the furniture used in the restaurant is for sale!
A cute little place ! And a nice ending to a little road trip!!
The Rav was hooked up the the RV....I never got a picture...but I will one of these days!!

We headed to Southern Alberta for our next stay.
 The weather was nicer than the first week....and its starting to feel like home.
Home by the river....again.... I could get use to this!!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

New Chapter

It's a New Chapter in Our Life....its been 40 years since we owned our first own home...
Here are are now...
With our belongings ...less what is stored in a 10' x 24' storage.

Don’t let the size of our new home fool you...this area can be our Dinning Room...our Living Room and our Bedroom!!
Here is our Den and our Office behind our Kitchen.
It was a little different packing it for Living...instead of a holiday...but with some storage containers in our RAV... it worked!

We are only 30 KM from our last home...we are having our Rav fixed up to tow....this is our first stop on our journey.

We know we will have a home again....but for now we will do some traveling and come late fall head to Arizona....

We are looking forward to this chapter in our it a short one or longer is yet to be seen!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Catch Up

Life has gotten away with me since we got home from Arizona...We arrived in Alberta the first part of April and spent a few days with Middler...She has a little business doing furniture. We helped her with her sale... by the end of the day 90% of her goods were gone. It was a great day for her!
 We did enjoy our deck....a bit...
 But wind and snow kept us inside alot...
 So we hit the road and went West..
To one of our favourite places...where they actually have spring...
 Once back home we had time with some of the grands...
We took possession of our new home 2 years ago...but have only lived in it...12 months....We are at the end of the packing...the house has sold....
The next 'house' we have we WANT to be the last move.... where that will yet to be seen....

Life is an adventure...we'll see what the next few months have in store for us!