Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cotton Field

Yuma is the Winter Vegetable Capital of the World.....
but did you know cotton is also grown in Yuma....
We didn't know that until last spring...apparently they grow the cotton in the summer when it's to hot for the veggies....

This fall we came upon a .. Cotton Field...

This was a first for me.... I had never seen a cotton field!


  1. So pretty, it looks like snow!!

  2. Winter Vegetable Capital of the World! That is impressive and I've never seen a field of cotton either..a bit like dried thistles..

  3. I've always wanted to see a cotton field and last year in Texas we saw one from far away but couldn't get closer to it.

  4. I saw a cotton field several years ago, but I can't remember where it was located.

  5. interesting...i've only seen one in georgia...that i know of.


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