Friday, March 13, 2015

Random Five

1. I started working on a t-shirt quilt using hubby's old t-shirts.... hubby really wanted to help...I wonder if I'm the only one who has a hubby who enjoys doing this sort of thing?

2. The weather here has been in the mid 30's........ almost perfect!!! We don't get many days like this back in Alberta!

3. Two of the grands came this week....its great to get to know them better as they are turning into adults.

4. Palm Springs Airport.... I love the little airports.... for us we don't do Phoenix Airport pick-ups;)

5. Doing some biking...lots of second hand stores and hanging out this week....


  1. Sounds like an ideal visit with the Grands.

    I love that Brian is helping you make the quilt.

  2. Jim will help me when I need it ;) How nice for you to get a visit from the grands.

  3. my husband is always so excited to help with everything!!! i made a quilt blanket son my son, many years ago with all his soccer tournament shirts. it was a lot of work but i love the way it came out.

    i can't wait to get out on my bike, soon!!!!

  4. we need to get back on our bikes. i love riding. ( :

  5. Of COURSE Brian is helping you!! You two are a PAIR!! Loved seeing your handsome grands on your Facebook posts! Glad you all had this time together!! Looking forward to seeing that t shirt quilt!!


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