Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Quilt Complete

I made up our spare room with the Quilt that I started last spring.

I had picked up a handmade bed skirt with hand crochet lace along the bottom...if you look at the post when I bought it I never thought I would use it as a bed skirt...but it worked perfect for the bed and the quilt!!
Well I have some pictures to put up and I would like to make some pillow shams then I think my little guest room is ready!!


  1. The bed frame and bedside table complement the quilt nicely, creating a pleasant room for quests.

  2. it turned out so nice!!!!

  3. oooohhhhh it's sooooo pretty bev. it just needs a few pretty pillows!!

  4. This is absolutely beautiful Bev, well done!

  5. This turned out so beautifully!!! It is a treasure that I am certain will be a TREASURE for you and your family for many, many years. Quilts are real memory keepers, aren't they?


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