Friday, July 27, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer...

My computer time is lacking..
it seems I never have time to do much on the computer lately..
I was looking back at some pictures I had taken, 
and realized that even though it's been busy...
we've have had lots of fun times!! 
(due to lack of are unedited:)

Here in Alberta you have enjoy ever nice day you get.... 
If you wait you could miss summer!
  We've enjoyed picnics in the park...
 Evenings at the beach ...
 Days at the beach with all sorts of kids...

We've even made it down the river ...
 Enjoyed the other families were saw...
 And this curious dear who was on an island in the middle of the river.

Have a yummy weekend.... enjoy the sun...


  1. awwww family time, nothing beats it!! looks like you are having a wonderful summer!!

  2. looks like you've been doing just fine. :)

  3. Bev it looks like you've been having such a wonderful time, good for you. The computer can wait for the snow and blizzards, our summers are way to short as it is and the kids... we know how fast they grow up.

    Have a fantastic weekend, hopefully a sun filled one, that's about enough of this rain already!

  4. It looks like you have been having a wonderful summer. Keep enjoying it.

  5. Fun family outings! I love that last photo with the girls and the ice cream: it make me giggle and remember summers long gone.

  6. it looks like great fun!!! love the last ice cream pic!

  7. You have to love fun times with the family, looks like you have it made here, cant go wrong with ice cream on the face either :^)

  8. I remember the short summers in Sweden and how we always packed in everything we could think of to make the most of them. When I lived in Los Angeles, I never paid much attention to summer as is wasn't all that different from winter. Here, where I live now in the desert mountains, summer is just a bit too much for me. Too hot, too long, too dusty and so on. Here I long for fall and winter and snow. Anyway, what I meant to say was that it looks like you are having a wonderful time and making the most of your summer days.

  9. we have long summers here in Texas...I'm glad...looks like yall have had fun...

  10. Perfect summer fun! Love these photos of everyone out enjoying the sunny weather!

  11. Such beautiful photos. Love the two little ones in the last photo!


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