Sunday, July 22, 2012

Le Tour de l'Alberta

Well it wasn't France...and it wasn't a race...
just a tour through some northern French - Canadian culture. 
The weather was perfect... 
You could bike 175 km, 100 km, 50 km or 20 km. 
Hubby and I did the 50km
It began in Morinville.
Morinville was settled by Father Morin, an Oblate missionary 
who brought with him many French settlers in the late 1800's
There were about 1200 bikers. Approximately 250 did the 50 km tour.
It's always fun and exciting... waiting in the start line!
 Our first stop and lunch was in Legal. 
There are 28 murals in Legal welcoming visitors to this bilingual town.
I thought it was interesting... In 1894 two gentlemen came from France via California..
searching for homesteads and settled in Legal.
(I wonder if they ever regretted not staying in California...:)

 I couldn't resist...taking pictures of barns along the route!
 Here's a couple of Northern Alberta barns!

It was a fun day....


  1. and some great pics to remember the day by!

  2. This was soooooo very cool. Especially if it was happening during the Tour de France. I wasn't quite sure of the dates. This looks like 30 miles of gorgeousness!!! And the best getting to eat as much as you want when it's over. Thanks for sharing the pics

  3. love both the red & white barn. such character & decoration. the yellow flower within the field really adds to the view. (:

  4. Looks like a wonderful day. I love the barns they are beautiful. I would have been so busy taking pictures that I wouldn't have gone 20 k, nevermid 50. Congratulations.

  5. I agree with Donna -- I'd be taking too many photos to actually bike! Great photos of your adventure.

  6. so happy you had such a great day, it looks perfect in the pictures!!

    you and hubby look so cute, hubby looks like a pro!!

    and the barns, be still my heart, what a distraction!!

  7. those barns are so beautiful! great place to bike, even in a crowd.

  8. The barns are beautiful! I am glad you had such a wonderful day.

  9. They are beautiful! I love the shapes and colors of both.

  10. They are great barns! I love the shape, color and cupola!

  11. Sounds like a great day and you caught some wonderful barns as well.

  12. i enjoyed this post and pictures! i have many morin's in my ancestry that are from france and settled in quebec...wonder if i'm related to your morin!

  13. that sounds fun...great barn photos...

  14. They're beautiful... love the old whitewashed colored barn & I also love all the flowers in the other barn shot, too! Awesome shots!

    Thanks so much for joining =)

  15. I love both the white and red barns. The green grass and yellow flowers adds a beautiful touch to both photos.

  16. Interesting how different the barns look even though thay are the same sha[e.

  17. Looked like beautiful weather there - and those barns were beautiful! sandie

  18. Lovely barns and great info on your area in Canada! I enjoyed the post!


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