Monday, July 8, 2013

Miscellany Monday

Walterdale Bridge...100 years old...going to be replaced...
I realize old bridges need to be replace...but there is just something about those old metal bridges...and I love the colour of this one!

 The water was cool...the temps were not that warm but it was a great weekend to be out and about!
We attended a Dinner Theatre..... 'Driving Miss Dasiy"
Michael Learned starred as Miss Daisy...
she was the mom in the Walton's...did you watch the Walton's?

The Street Festival is on Downtown Edmonton... I have never been to one before.....We walked down to see the happenings a couple evenings.... the events start at 11:00 am and run until 11:00 pm...

Well I'm off to start another week!!
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  1. What a wonderful weekend!!! I DID watch the Walton's! As a matter of fact - many nights -right before I go to sleep - I tell Louis Dean 'Good Night John Boy!!'
    My step son lives out in the country and they replaced an attractive bridge with a 'new' one. A judge keeps a summer home out there and he BOUGHT the bridge and hired my step son to move it, set it up on his property and paint it. He then spent $$$$$$$$ on a tree house you can reach after going across the bridge! That tree house has plumbing, electricity - the works!!! My, oh, MY!!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend out- hope your week is just as fun!

  3. I love street festivals - they always provide the unique entertainment.

    Hard to beat Jessica Tandy as Miss Daisy, but how did Michael Learned do?

  4. yup, i remember michael learned from the waltons. :)

  5. Lots to see here -- and I do remember Michael Learned as Livie Walton. :)

  6. loved the Waltons...loved the movie Driving Miss Daisy...I bet it made a good dinner theater street festivals...went to a fun one when we were in New York several years ago...

  7. I admit I still watch the Walton's! Good show. Who was the little girl in the fountain? sandie


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