Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Doll Making. . .

Do you remember when Cabbage Patch dolls first came out? Did you or your daughter(s) have one?

I had two little girls and they both had a Cabbage Patch. My youngest was a boy...he didn't get a Cabbage Patch Doll. When his sisters played with their dolls...he didn't have one...I found a Cabbage Patch doll pattern, it was very detailed, and very hard to make... so I  did my best to make a Boy Cabbage Patch, along with lots of boy clothes....I don't know if he every played with him?
Oh dear he doesn't look too good, but I still have him, plus all his clothes.

That was in the 80's...

Time passed and I became a Gramms. . .One Christmas I decided to make my granddaughter a doll. 

I found a simple pattern ....
This doll was easier to make... 

Three years later I had another granddaughter and I made her a doll.

My youngest grand daughter is turning 4 this year ...
 If I don't make her a doll this year ...she'll be too old for a 'doll'.
I still had the pattern...but not the instructions so I used 
granddaughter # 2's doll to make granddaughter # 3's doll.
Granddaughter #3's doll - Granddaughter #2's doll
(hmm they seem to be getting more hair:)

Here she is all dressed up, she just needs a pair of shoes. 
Matching dress for my grand daughter.


  1. I remember well the cabbage patch doll craze. Four of my daughters and one of my sons had them. I still have the patterns for clothes for them. You're so clever to make the entire doll. They turned out beautifully.

  2. Wow you are so clever making those dolls, your grand daughters are very lucky.

  3. ooooohhhhh cabbage patch dolls, both of my boys had them. i waited on a very long line, for several hours to get them for my boys.

    the dolls you made are gorgeous, you are very talented!!

  4. Oh my gosh - that is so wonderful - you are a talented woman - and your grands are so lucky.

    My MIL stood in line four hours before Wal Mart opened one morning to get one for my daughter who is 33!

    Love your work.


  5. How well I remember the Cabbage Patch doll fury. People went crazy snatching them off of the store shelves.

    I like your dolls much better, and I bet your grandchildren do, too.

  6. so cute. they're lucky to have you sewing (and cross-stitching) for them!

  7. Flora the dolls you have made are adorable! I love the idea of making a matching dress for your granddaughter, my sister did that for my daughter and that was way to cute!

  8. you are so good, love them xo

  9. I had/have one around here, I think. She had red hair. I like your cabbage patch boy. He's adorable and so are the girl dolls. :)

  10. I love dolls but I'm not good at making them...I've tried! And I'll probably try again! heehee! Love these sweet cuties! And the dress is adorable! She'll love it! ♥

  11. Does this bring back memories. My daughters had one. The dolls are all so adorable.

  12. Love it ! It turned out super! xoxox

  13. You are a wonderful Bams. And talented! It must have skipped my generation and now your granddaughter has it;) love you.


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