Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yellowstone 2...

We ended up spending one more day at Yellowstone and visited the North end... it was new to us...and well worth the visit! So here are some pictures for you...
 A mountain...that roars...from all the  Numerous fumaroles
 We arrived at Mammoth Hot Springs...a very quaint area...

  This area has many terraces

I think this is one of my favourite areas!


  1. I am so sorry I never visited YS Park, these are fabulous shots. Looks like you are on another planet.

  2. I just love it here. It has been years since I visited - 1963. Your photos bring back happy memories. Great shots!

  3. such a beautiful area!! is it a tough walk?? in other words, would this slightly handicapped girl be able to walk it?? hehe

    wondering about the third image, are those markings on the rocks, water....i can't tell!!

    dawn looks great and her boys, so handsome!!

  4. I've never been to this area of the Park, but it looks very similar to the area around Thermopolis, WY where there is a nice State Park.


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