Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jackson Hole WY

Or is it Jackson WY....when we were looking up the place, we could not figure out what kind  of town it was....but when we were arrived we fell in love with the authentic western town!
The center of town has two arches made from antelope antlers...
Boardwalks along the shops...
And a ski hill in your backyard if you want to visit in the winter!
The main reason for our trip to Jackson was to meet up with a fellow blogging friend
We had a wonderful lunch together!
And enjoying getting to know her better.
 Nancy had brought me a pair of the socks that she loves to knit!
They are so comfortable!! 
I love them, thank you Nancy....


  1. This brings back memories! I skied Jackson Hole two winters in 1970 and 71.

  2. oh what a neat town and that walkwayand two arches and you met a blogger and you got lunch with her and she gave you thiose cool trendy socks. Lucky ducky! That would be the best gift ever including her to give them to you. Love them.

    Thanks for sharing. I love to hear Happy, Happy news. Looks like the weather was so perfect.

    How wonderful is that to meet a blooger friend.

  3. I truly enjoyed meeting and visiting with you and your husband: conversation flowed like we had known each other for years. I just sorry that we had to rush off after lunch.

    Sure glad the socks fit. I hope you enjoy wearing them.

  4. love the socks! what a sweet gift!

  5. What fun for you two! I love the socks, you'll think of her every time you wear them :)

  6. Just popped over from Nancy's blog to say Hi. Great socks. Amazing archways....never seen anything like it. Here in Australia the average price for an antler is about $40 from a "homewares boutique"


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