Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April is here!

April in Yuma.... The trees and cacti are blooming....
 this is the first year we have stayed this long down south....
We are loving the warmth!!

First born sent us pictures of our yard back home....
Hmmmm as much as it may be nice to be home.... 
think I'll hang around the south a bit longer...


  1. Leaving that to go to snow doesn't sound too nice :))
    I would be staying longer too.

  2. what a seasonal contrast and I'm with you I'd hang around the south a bit longer too :-).

  3. Winter doesn't seem to want to let go this year! Enjoy the warmth.

  4. Oh hang around for sure where you are it is having its own way this year with snow, wind to know end. . Never had this before. My other friend the school has closed in her area for one week in N.B.

    Talking with her on Skype to-day. I was disconnected with computer all day yesterday till 10 at night.

  5. Such a beautiful tree! Looks pretty cold in your back yard........don't blame you for staying where it's warmer!


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