Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Home Made Brooms!

Handcrafted Corn Brooms, made in the Kootenays...

Brooms made from 100% raw, unprocessed broom corn.
They should last many times longer than an 'ordinary" broom!!

The shop is located along Hwy 3A in the hamlet of Crawford Bay, B.C.
It is a family run cottage industry. Rob has been making brooms for 20 years!

His brooms have been used in plays, operas and TV shows over the years... for more information on his famous brooms..click here!

Well I got my broom...as those who know me well...know I love the sweep...so we'll see if this broom lasts longer than most of my brooms!:)


  1. I enjoyed catching up on your blog, and I checked out the link. I love the cobwebbers broom, I just might have to look into getting me one :) What a cute place he has.

  2. A delightful shop and store.

    My brooms tend to become angled almost like there is a left and right side, which is odd because both sides are the same. Right?

  3. ah the Kooteney's, you are making me a wee bit homesick :-) I had one of these brooms given to me as a gift, it lasted pretty long however we only used it on the sundecks.

  4. How wonderful! I love things like this. They all look great!

  5. Been there, got my brooms, love them, love the store, thanks for the memories!


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