Thursday, April 9, 2015

Canada 'Eh?'

When we are in the USA...we often get people we just meet say.... you are from Canada... I can tell by the way you talk...'eh'..

Well today we got a new one.... As we were leaving Costco in the USA.... the gentleman checking our groceries took one look and said..."You are from Canada!"

I guess.....there are other Canadians who stock up on cheese when they leave the USA:)


  1. Love, love, love that cheese! Enjoy.

  2. Glad you got home with it all!!!

  3. Funny. I've been stocking up on black pepper. It seems much cheaper here than home in Alberta.

  4. That's funny. But GREAT choice in cheese! When we lived in Washington we loved being able to buy that regularly. Here in Texas... it's a lot harder to find. Heehee! Safe travels! Enjoy :)

  5. is a food group ;)

  6. my parents love this cheese too. they visited their factory in Oregon. but find their shipping ridiculous. so when they are shopping - they look & have found it a few places in VA. this makes me laugh. i found the folks we met didn't do the 'eh ... sound ... i was shocked considering the talk on shows on tv ... so the hubby would start it ... & then it would so come out ... maybe some just need a little chattin' 1st. have a nice weekend. ( :

    i googled Margaret Falls ... apparently it is on Sunnybrae-Canoe Point Rd., British Columbia, Canada


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