Monday, June 29, 2015

Projects...Done!...... on the Go!

Hubby went on the annual 'boys' fishing trip.... and I got to get some of my projects done.
I completed and framed my annual Christmas Ornaments for the Grands....
I'm down to only 5 a year!!
(The fronts can't be case someone is looking!)

The quilt I started in Yuma 
I was determined to finish this summer...on the road or not!
 I made sure I had all the hand quilting done..and had it squared before I left my sewing room...I just had the binding left to do!
It's now finished.... except for the coffee stains...and places pricked by finger...
Any suggestions on how I should treat it before I wash it?
I make the back a little different....using up some blocks from scrap material !!
I put together a pillowcase.... to store the quilt in until it is used!
Once the quilt is washed it will be put away for the Grand's birthday.....

And that's it for quilting...until I'm in my home in Arizona...the RV is a challenge for large projects!


  1. Love the quilt. You might try spot cleaning the stained ares before laundering. I hope they come out for you.

  2. I agree with Tired Teacher, try and spot clean the spots. It's so pretty and I hope you share the ornaments later.

  3. oooooh bev, the quilt is really beautiful!!! i'm so happy you have been able to do "some" crafty projects during this time!!

    i'm not sure how you would pretreat such a delicate item, perhaps you should google it or look on quilting sites!!!

  4. Hello. Good stuff and great effort!

  5. Beautiful! On any stains for my linens.......this always works....even for blood stains. Mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda. Make a slurry paste with it. Get the stained area wet and then place the paste on the stain. Let it sit damp overnight and the stain will be gone when you wash the item. I have preserved many heavily stained linens that have been tossed away by others using this method. It does not eat the fabric or discolor it.

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