Tuesday, October 4, 2016


The Fruits stand are filled with pumpkins.... the evenings are starting to get cool.... and Fall is really here.... I'm never in a hurry for fall!...

I tweaked my front porch decorations....
This was the first year that I 'invested' in fall mums....

It is going to be a busy week...preparing for  the kids and grands  coming for Thanksgiving this coming weekend!!!


  1. Autumn will be quick season this year, as Winter (significant snowfall) is inching closer to the valley.

    Your front step decorations are welcoming. Have a wonderful holiday with your children and the Grands.

  2. Your porch looks gorgeous!!! It will be 90 degrees here tomorrow but 75 on Friday!!!

  3. the porch looks great, i really like the autumn sign, did hubby make it??? i always buy mums and they die quickly and i say i am not going to buy them again.....but then i do. i haven't yet but i need to!!! i got a really cute pumpkin this year, for by the front door, it's big and just what i wanted!!!

  4. I love your fall decorating! But I am never in a hurry for fall either!

  5. It was 80 degrees F today. A cool spell is coming and maybe we will see some fall color. Have a Happy Thanksgiving next week.


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