Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Walnut Harvest

It has been interesting watching how our walnuts 'ripen'....the green coverering opens... (I wondered how that was going to turn into a walnut).
You don't pick walnuts off a tree...you pick them off the ground...so right now mornings are like an Easter Egg hunt.... picking up walnuts!!
Then we wash them...
Then hang them to dry... they say the dryer they get the easy to crack open...
I posted here on the next step of the walnuts...as we had friends give us a bag of there's from last year!


  1. This is all new to me! How very interesting and what a bountiful harvest! What will you do with your bumper crop?

  2. An interesting post - I had no idea what they looked like on the tree. Your backyard bounty continues to amaze me.

  3. Amazing!!! 3 years ago, my oldest daughter and I took a San Francisco/Wine Country Trip and we saw walnut trees and the nuts on the ground! It was our first time to see this!!! SO cool!!!

  4. wow, cool, i had no idea!!! i really enjoy your posts like these, you do very well preserving what nature give you. have you tried eating any yet?? i wonder if freshness matters in the taste!!

  5. How wonderful! I know how good they taste too. We used to have pecan trees and I gathered nuts every Fall and enjoyed shelling them. It's a job though! Hugs!

  6. I love it to see. In our area we called them: okkernoten.


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