Friday, April 27, 2012

Ending the week...

The morning was rainy....
We had two grand kiddos visiting...
A dreary sorta day....
but we found....
a table set by the fireplace enjoy breakfast at....

A finally game of 5 in a row...
the boys were the champions...but we always knew that!
Remember this weekend...
You can always find Joy in the Little Things!


  1. amen! :) i like your back patio area and chiminea.

  2. A great way to spend a rainy day. Enjoy!

  3. That looks like my kinda day. Perfect in every way!

  4. Remember, the end of one week means the start of another. That thought was so deep it scared me! :-}

  5. my favorite kinda day, board game and a fire....forget the patio, your house is amazing!!

    can we have a picture tour???

  6. They had an incredible 2 are blessings and bring us joy. Thank you. xx

  7. What a fun time with the grand-kids :)

  8. One of the best things in life -- find the joy in the little things. I so agree with you. Your grandkids look like such nice boys and I know it must have been fun to have them visit even if it rained.

  9. Some of the finest things in life are the little things, it looks like it was a wonderful day spent with your grandchildren. What is that I see there, a real fire? Oh how I wish I had a fireplace right about now. Have a wonderful week, cheers.

  10. So true! What a sweet post. Your grandkids will always remember these times with you!


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