Friday, April 20, 2012

Good Morning!

Its been awhile since I went for a morning walk with my camera. The snow, and cool (COLD) weather has made it hard to get up and get going....but this morning the birds songs were wonderful!

  The snow has melted...hopefully for the last time..
It was misty and the sky was overcast...but the sun was trying to shine.

There were lots of signs..that spring is finally here:

The ducks were happy in the ponds

This hare...literally sat and posed for a couple minutes for me...
He probably thought I couldn't see him...but I like to think he was posing..

When I got home...this duck was wondering in our yard...
I did have a look around to see if I could find a nest...
but haven't found one...would be so exciting to watch them this spring!
Yes it feels like spring is coming...

No matter how long the winter....
Spring follows! 


  1. Yipeee. there's hope it's going to be spring when I get home! ;-) Wonderful shots Bev, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the nice weather!

  2. How beautiful. Nice of the hare to pose for you like that. Enjoy this time. Spring is coming. (Today we are getting a bit of rain!)

  3. Can almost feel the cool crispness of the morning walk:)Hope there is a nest too....

  4. love the haughty looking hare. :) glad you're getting some melting!

  5. I tried all winter to get a picture of Bugs, but was unsuccessful. Just to cheer you up, remember we've missed a few summers, but never a winter! :-}

  6. When spring comes to Alberta, one knows it is truly on its way. I love the picture of the hare. And your new avatar pic. I didn't even know the comment was from you. But now I will know.

  7. It was a good thing you brought your camera along on your morning walk. You captured the beauty of spring perfectly, Bev.
    cheers :)

  8. oh, the great melt off...i do hope it's the last one. love that hare and that you got out for a walk, it always makes me smile!!

  9. What gorgeous sites you have all around you! sandie

  10. Beautiful photos! The shot of the hare is fantastic : ) SO nice stopping by to visit!

    Kindly, Lorraine

  11. Happy that spring is springing for you all! :)


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