Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Work

Warm temperatures have embraced us...
Trees are beginning to bud...
This means the outside work begins.........................................
This year hubby is home to help with the spring yard work....

There's raking...to do...we still do it by hand... with good old rakes...
Hopefully we get the raking and flower beds ready...

It's Alberta and snow is coming Friday...(we still have two months of spring left... of course we'll get more snow!)

But we'll take all the warmth when it's here and we know eventually we'll have green and flowers....for a few months anyways!


  1. Yeah, spring has arrived! We've been working outside too and it sure feels good.

  2. Spring is arriving with snow. So how hot does it get in summer there? sandie

  3. I'd welcome some snow here! It is so dry because it was such a mild winter, so moisture would definitely be welcome.

  4. we're having a real spring ;)), a no snow kinda spring.

    it only feels good for about a day or two (the yard work) then it just feels like work and you remember just how "young" you are!!

  5. you get quite the mix of seasons now between your two homes. :)

  6. We got cheated on winter. Went right from fall to summer---gonna be in the 80s tomorrow. I'm jealous.

  7. good 'ol rakin' with rakes...can't beat it!! =)

  8. The rain today was easier to take than the snow! My daughters and I drove down to Lacombe to take my oldest daughter out for lunch for her 39th birthday today. Raining in Edmonton but not Lethbridge. It's always nice to be able to go out and do the yard work in the spring.


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