Friday, May 25, 2012

Farm Fresh Friday.... traveling plants

I'm not sure what you call them... traveling plants...
but they are cuttings from my Dad's plants...about 18 years ago.
My bleeding heart..a cutting from my Dad's garden
it has been taken from Alberta..then
to British Columbia 
and back Alberta.
 This spring it's looking full and strong.

This rhubarb....was taken by my daughter..from Dad's garden...
it has been planted and transplanted a few times.
We have enjoyed it for the past few years.
Soon I'll be looking for recipes to use my rhubarb..
If you have any please send them my way!


  1. Your bleeding heart looks great and I'll send you a really good rhubarb cake recipe, I just have to find it :)

  2. I remember those flowers from Sweden where they are called lejon hjartan, or lion hearts. They must be meaningful to you and I'm glad they are doing so well.

  3. i love that the plant came from your dad's, that's cool!!!

  4. best thing you can do with your garden, is share clippings with others!!

  5. love rhubarb - at least i did as a kid. :)

  6. Love the bleeding heart. My Grandmother made rhubarb pie but I don't have the recipe.

  7. How wonderful to have travelling plants. I've got a great rhubarb cake recipe (somewhere on my blog) It's nice to meet another Canadian blogger.

  8. Thanks for visiting me. Yeah, it's always nice to find another Canadian blogger. I'll see if I can remember where I just found a couple of good rhubarb recipes and I'll send them along to you. I adore rhubarb!

  9. I love rhubarb and will take some from my daughter's yard in Edmonton when we move to Lethbridge in a couple of months. I like to boil down rhubarb and sugar, strain the juice out and use it as a syrup base to mix with 7-up or Sprite for a lovely refreshing summer drink. The strained rhubarb is delicious on toast.

  10. You've inherited your Dad's green thumb for those plants to survive all these years and miles!! Our rhubarb took a hit from the moths this year?? No rhubarb custard pie for us this year! Thank you so much for linking up with FFF this week, it's greatly appreciated!!


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