Friday, May 18, 2012

Farm Fresh Friday - Heritage apron

Mom  always wore an apron.
I can not longer use her is so worn... 
I don't think it can take much more laundering..

It had hand embroidery...that is beautiful!
The apron is made from flour sacks.
This year for my sisters birthdays...
I tried to re-create mom's apron
I'm not a fan of handwork...
so the embroidery is done with my machine...
My three sisters will have replica's of mom's apron..
Hopefully to pass onto their daughters.


  1. What wonderful are so thoughtful and I hope they do wear them and pass them down.

  2. Oh my goodness what WONDERFUL gifts to your daughters and sisters - they are gorgeous. sandie

  3. How beautiful is this??? You have made several heirlooms from an heirloom! And it is such a beautiful apron!

  4. Love. That's it. Just pure Love.

  5. I LOVE your aprons and what a great gift for you to give. Somethings that can be passed on to the next generation.

  6. I love mine thank you so very much you are the best mjf.

  7. Just think of all the good food that old apron has been a part of!! What a thoughtful and creative gift for your sisters! Thanks so much for sharing this special hand-made heirloom with Farm Fresh Friday!

  8. How wonderful! Love vintage aprons and your replicas are spot on. :)

  9. what a beautiful and thoughtful gift!!

  10. What a lovely gift for your sisters to treasure. Aprons were the first things we learned to sew in home economics classes back in the day. It's too bad they've gone out of style. Yours are lovely.

  11. How thoughtful of you! They'll be cherished hand-me-downs, I know.



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