Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bird Talk

I know there are worms here somewhere...
A taped up'd think they could buy us a new one!
What are you starring at?

I guess I'll share...when did you yellow guys arrive?
I got the itch!
I know I'm cute!
How many kids did you say they had?
Sun bathing


  1. I love these bird pictures and that yellow bird is very pretty. Here we have California Quail bringing out their young to feed in our front yard.

  2. that's a lot of kids! :) and several of my feeders look a bit rough, too - thanks to the dang squirrels!

  3. OMG....that's a lot of babies, i would shoot myself!! you are seeing some very pretty feathers at your feeders!!!

  4. I am surprised seeing two totally different birds feeding together. sandie

  5. I love your bird comments, they're awesome!

  6. This is too cute! Thanks for visiting today.


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