Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The other side of the fence

On the other side of our fence...
Stands what is left of a Saguaro...
There is no life left in it...but I love looking at it...
It is unique, has character...

Makes me think...
what will people say of me...when my life is gone....


  1. i think they may say you were unique, with character. she was a great wanderer, with awesome hiking & biking skills, she had a beautiful smile. her hubs was nice too ;))

  2. i will agree with you there ... what will folks say? i guess that is why i try to do my best, treat all with common courtesy & hope to the high heavens that it will all be worth their friendship & respect. & will continue even after i am gone. you have to hold close to the ones who love you & enjoy being around you. if they are your real friends they will love you no matter what. hope that makes sense. ha. ha!!

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  3. I know they will say wonderful things about you...

  4. I'm more concerned about their present thoughts; afterall, it's not too late to make some adjustments. ;oD

  5. Saguaro...cactus? ANd I agree I wonder what people will say - sandie

  6. How thought provoking! I do agree..........sometimes what remains has so much beauty.

  7. Wow this sure had me thinking about myself too. I can see why you like to look at this, it's beautiful in it's own way.

  8. That does make one stop and THINK!! I love seeing what YOU see - on the other side of that fence!!


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