Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Visit

It's so nice to have family visit!
We met at Shields Date Garden Cafe...
in Indio
It's wonderful to see the grandkids...
The food here is always delicious!!
Had breakfast under a lemon tree!!
It was a short...sweet visit!!!


  1. Does it look sunny and that fruit - yum! And I know you love the grands. Sandie

  2. Happy days make happy memories!

  3. cute kids, yummy food!! lot's of sun and fun!!

  4. I would love to be sitting under a lemon tree right now, instead of shoveling snow in -20c! I wanted to email you to thank you once again for the lovely SSS you sent me last year, but your "contact me" link is broken. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  5. awww. glad they could come to see you.

  6. That fruit looks good. Enjoy your babies.

  7. How nice to get visitors! It would be so neat to have a lemon, lime or even an orange tree in my yard.

  8. I'm sure they enjoyed it as much as you did

  9. That's the only thing about living away from family.....and lovely they come visit! I hope to have my other grands come down sometime this spring to visit us HERE! The quads will be out of lock down by then. It's good we go home every month for a few days.

    YOUR grands are adorable!!!!


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