Monday, December 10, 2012

A week...

It's hard to believe I have been home a week..
 .It's been a busy week....
we had the tree to decorate...
 I  had presents to make... 
I thought I would make up some natural soaps and cleaners 
for those people who have everything....
I got a start on my Christmas baking..
We had some grandchild time..
Never to early to start learning to play chess?
I've forced myself to get out for a walk...
 (I don't want to mention it ...but it has not been a warm week... it's been in the -20C range... ) 
We walked the river valley...there were birds galore on this feeder and the birds would fly real close by you...but I didn't get any in my picture:)
We went to the Devonian Botanic Gardens...
where they had a Luminaria Walk...
with thousands of candles lighting the Japanese Garden

It was a crisp evening...but a nice experience for the Christmas season.

Well I guess I've packed a lot in the past week...

Happy Monday to you all!!


  1. Looks so pretty to be in the north for Christmas and I love the natural soaps!!! sandie

  2. If your photos are any indication, the luminaria walk would be divine.

    Enjoy all of these pre-holiday preparations.

  3. brrr! but beautiful. and pass me a fudge piece, please! :)

  4. Ohhhh, that fudge looks sooooo good! We just got some snow yesterday and I went out snowshoeing this morning. Wonderful shots here!

  5. You certainly packed a lot in to a cold, but beautiful week.

  6. what a wonderful christmas gift idea, very creative presentation!!

    love those gardens, and a lil snow?? on the ground. that would make the evening perfect!!

  7. gained 5 lbs just looking at the fudge...glad you made it back safe and sound

  8. You have been busy - but it sounds like an enjoyable busy :))
    -20 brrr that sounds (and looks) very cold and very pretty. What beautiful gardens to walk through. Yummy fudge!!! Keep warm.

  9. A busy week indeed! Not sure I would have ventured out in that cold, but then I guess Albertans have the clothes for it!

  10. The photos are so pretty! You have gotten a lot accomplished! Have a restful weekend! Stay warm!

  11. it all sounds the handmade gifts!!

    blessings to you!


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