Thursday, December 20, 2012

Something to Ponder...

 Dinner out with friends!
 Cheering on your team!
 Visiting the Museum
 Lunch with your Best Friend!
 On a date!
 Has the day that Albert Einstein feared arrived?

(I received this email from my cousin....
and found it very interesting...what do you think?


  1. I think Albert Einstein was a genius!

    I've seen this behavior too many times in my own family: it frustrates and saddens me.

  2. Bev I totally agree with Nancy, Einstein was a genius! It's so sad when there's all these ways to communicate these days and nobody hardly communicates anymore. A quick hi, a short message and a ttyl is about it.

    On an entirely different note, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. AE is a very smart man. i wonder the same thing ... i always wonder when i go out with friends i always put the phone away & off ... but they don't give me the same respect. what can you say to them without being so rude? dislike moments like that. nuts. what is the world coming is my question??!!??!?! ( :

  4. Einstein was a genius and sadly his prediction has arrived.

  5. oh so sad to say, that on my trip, i could have taken 1,000 pictures, just like these!! on fb, i saw a joke christmas card, it looked a lil like your first image. a beautiful family, dressed for christmas, sitting in front of a decorated fireplace but the difference, everyone had their head down, and their fingers on the phone!!

    i may collect phones this christmas. my boys are pretty good but it might be fun to be totally phoneless for the day!!

  6. yeah, we're always tapped in, aren't we?

  7. I learned this lesson when I came cross-country in 1972 with my Leica camera (I was into photography then too) and took a gazillion pictures, but sort of missed out on actually seeing the country. After I arrived in California and had the pictures developed, it turned out that not a single one came out. Something was wrong with the camera. Since then I have never let technology come between me and real life. However, I recognize the pictures above from gatherings where young and even not so young people are in attendance. This exact same picture emerges. It scares me. My niece, who's a deputy sheriff, had two car accidents while texting before she realized she could lose her job behind her habit. Seems she wasn't that concerned about losing her life or kill someone else. So, yes, I think Einstein is right.

  8. So very true... Unfortunately I've been guilty of it when out with others trying to stop doing it

  9. It is so normal to see people looking down at the cell phone.....always! I still have an old fashioned flip phone used sparingly for calls to and from family. Not the norm today and even I will be upgrading next fall. I am in hopes I keep the phone a PHONE!

  10. It's so true. In fact when I am out I feel the odd one because I don't have a phone in my hand all the time.

  11. it's scary, isn't it... i don't like it, either. be careful while out & about & watch out for others texting & driving.


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