Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's hot...

Well its hot for us Canadians!!....
It is into the high 90's...and we are cooking!
So much for bike rides and walks during the day!!
This is how we spend our days...
 In the evenings we head out for our walks...
 A great time for reflection!!
And to count all the blessings we have!


  1. that last scene is beautiful! i'm sure 90 is plenty hot for you - this early in the season, too!

  2. I love how YOU love your life!!! When do you go home? Bet it will be much cooler there!

  3. hehe, my favorite passtime!! floating in the pool, i am really good at that!!

  4. Lovely pool and sunset. Hope you cool down to 80.

  5. Fear not, 90 would be HOT for me, too. Looks like you need to become more nocturnal.

  6. sounds like Texas weather...a big change for you I'm sure...

  7. No way, Jose! YOU ARE IN THE NINETIES right NOW? For real??? I pity you later if this is not the norm for you! We are still in the 70's for the high here in the 30's some mornings. I would be going to church and praying if it was already in the 90's now! I'll pray for ya'll!

  8. Really wonderful photos! Did you see the comet, by the way? We didn't but our daughter and grandson saw it very close to that crescent moon!


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