Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vintage Thingy Thursday...

Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Park...
Has a wonderful little place that you can buy the best taking pie... 
I am not a pie person...but their pie was delicious!!
In the back they have a little gift shop...
I found two linens....

 This table cloth for $4.00
This is a bed skirt.. I love the crochet around it...
 I think it was a steal for $6.00!!

There is so much material and lace...
I can think of many things to use it for besides a bed skirt!

I just love vintage linens!!


  1. Love red checks... That lace is awesome

  2. That bedskirt is very the crocheted lace.

  3. Great finds!

    Will you be using the red tablecloth on your red patio table?

  4. That tablecloth reminds me of my childhood so much! What nice finds!

  5. You found some real treasures! I love using things for different purposes than they were intended! When are y'all going home? We just made our decision and we will go back to the camper Sunday and then BRING IT HOME the next Sunday! After that Louis Dean and I will be doing some driveway camping! At least every now and then!

  6. score bev!! but you mentioned pie, no pictures of the pie?!?!


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