Monday, March 11, 2013

Lettuce Day Weekend!!

We had a great weekend....
We started it off by biking for our Bountiful Basket.... 
two bike baskets worth of fruit and veggies!
We not only enjoy the produce...we enjoy seeing what we get!! 
And for the next couple weeks all our meals 
are planned around the fruit and vegetables!!

Then we biked on down  to Lettuce Days !
Hubby couldn't wait... 
the first thing we had to do was have a Root Beer Float 
at Zemer's Homemade Root Beer Stand... 
We had bought the mugs last year....
so if you bring the mugs back you get refills for $1.00!! 
This deal lasts as long as you have the mugs...
 We both coloured the Lettuce Day Poster1
There we loads of food demonstrations! 
Fruit and Veggie carver! 
It was a wonderful day! 
Before we left....
Only one of us....
Had to have another Root Beer Float!
(Good thing...this is the only Zemers Root Beer Place we  know of:)


  1. That sounds like so much fun!!!

  2. love the root beer floats (and the guy!)

  3. Your bike baskets are certainly filled with bounty!

    Hey, the second float should be shared! Right?

    Lettuce Days looks like it is a lot of fun.

  4. Sure looks nice there - and sunny - and I love root beer floats. sandie

  5. Blogging is so educational...tonight alone, I saw flower sculptures, ice sculptures and and now VEGGIE sculptures!! Amazing so many people can whittle so many different things! That root beer float for an eternity for $1 sounds like a great investment! Thanks for sharing your outing with us! Loved it!


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