Thursday, October 31, 2013

Last of the yard work....

We moved into our new home the first of September...It has been a very busy fall... We have finished our deck, poured a patio, work on our fence, laid sod, fit in a holiday, planted perennials, trees and hedge. Fall is a great time to get deals on plants. We visited one store that only had about 5 trees left...there was this one homely tree that hubby really like.... For $5.00 we couldn't go wrong so as I much as I thought I didn't like it...we got it.

But once we got him home he grew on me!
He looks like the a Dr. Seuss tree...we call him the Grinch...

Weeping Pine
Well our outside work is done for the year...the snow has even come and I think it's the finest looking tree I have ever seen ...what do you think??


  1. I think it's a beautiful tree!

  2. Wow, you got a lot done in two months! Now you can settle in for the Winter.

    The Grinch will thrive in your yard.

  3. That tree would win my heart too, how could it not?

  4. I love your tree! And I admire ALL you have done! I am so far much to do! The Texas heat lasted a LONG time and somehow I STILL have done got out there and done what needs to be done.So - are you still going south for the winter?


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