Friday, November 1, 2013

The week ends....

We spent some time down at the grands....and with Miss Marbles...
She enjoys watching the world go by...

Grand #5 and I spend some time knitting together... I'm sure she will surpass my skills of knitting...

Just down the hill is the river valley......I saw this guy...before Marbles did...
Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. How wonderful that you and your GD knit together. Savor every moment.

    Marbles would be a good walking companion.

  2. Sweet photos and even sweeter story. Have a good weekend.

  3. One of my grand daughters asked me to teach here to knit, I'm going to have to do that the next time we are together. I see snow on the ground there.

  4. That is precious that you are teaching your granddaughter to knit! Someday SHE may teach HER granddaughter and tell her the story of learning from you!!

  5. I love your captures Bev, your granddaughter is adorable! And learning how to knit... this is priceless!

    Some days I feel like Miss Marbles, nose to the window watching the outside world, not too often thankfully! lol

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  6. Oh how sweet you are teaching Granddaughter to knit. I love those scarfs everyone is making. They are all twisted and curly and all neat colours. Maybe one day she will get the nack of it later. Do you knit those ". They are in now for everyone. I have one in blue.

    Oh nice dog.

    Nice pictures.

  7. Miss Marbles and your adorable granddaughter look so sweet. Precious moments indeed, Bev :)


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