Thursday, November 21, 2013

The last Moon.....

I love the evenings when the moon is out....
 We've enjoyed being out skiing under the light of the moon...
This is an extra special moon to me.....
It's the last moon that I will spend in the snow this winter....

I'll be under Palm trees when the next few moons come along....


  1. These are so pretty Bev, nice to experience the best of both worlds!!

  2. What, and miss all the cold? Have fun.:-}}

  3. awww. i'd kinda miss that moonlit snow if i were you. but i know you'll enjoy warmth, too.

  4. gorgeous shots, I once cross country skied out of an old year into a New Year in Logan Lake, B.C. love night time skiing of any kind.

  5. Great photos of your outing. I love the crisp air of winter and the way the stars sparkle.

    Enjoy the warmth of the next few moons.

  6. How amazing is that! Looks fantastic!!!

  7. You lucky ducks, have a wonderful and safe trip down. Sniff...Sniff...wish we were heading south. Our Texas son is here visiting right now for a few days.


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