Thursday, January 30, 2014

Birthday Wishes...

Happy Birthday ...Happy Birthday to you!!!

It seems every year we are away for Ben's birthday...... this year before we left Canada, we had an 'Unbirthday' Party for all the 'kids' whose birthdays we would miss...and Ben missed the party!!

Not sure if we'll get to talk to you just in case this post is for Ben... we are thinking of you and remembering some of our great times we had with you last year....

Edmonton Weekend April 2013

Remember the days you and I spent with cousins in Okotoks...
and that fish you caught:)
Makes me chuckle when I think of the fun we had cleaning it!!!

Your brother, cousins and you at Galaxyland ....

The race you ran  in Edmonton.
Helping pops with the deck in July!
Walk thru the Legislature grounds in August
Fishing in Montana...

and the trip to Yellowstone National Park!

Helping lay our sod
Taking a snooze while pops shingled the roof:))))

Tying flies....
We love you...and look forward to more great times together this year!
Hope you have a great day!!!


  1. I will show him you guys:) Thanks for being super Grand Parents!

  2. I will show him you guys:) Thanks for being super Grand Parents!

  3. Hey Ben
    Happy Birthday from cold Canada. Wow you look happy with what your having. McDonald the Best. My husband loves the hamburg and fries. Have a great Birthday!

    Nice we can see the nice pictures that your Grand parents put up. How kind of them to show us and you. . . Great times and great pictures. Wow your really a hard worker for your age. I bet Grandpa. Loved your help.


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