Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Life here in the south is busy...but I still find time to do some crafty things....

I just completed toque number 3...I hope to make 3 more...
.................... they will be Christmas 2014 presents....

On the note of toques.... there are a lot of people down here who have know idea what a toque is.... Maybe it is just a 'northern' word??

I also started on my Christmas Ornaments....click here for more on these ornaments.
I'm down to only making 5 this year...and I have one completed!

We have had a very warm January  and are enjoying every minute of it!!... It is hard to believe January is coming to an end....


  1. You are making great progress on your gifts.

    Soak up the warmth for me, too.

  2. S uch pretty things that you are keeping your fingers busy with! It seems that another year is going to fly by us quickly!

  3. Toque? No, I don't think I do know what that is!! They are pretty, though!

  4. I like those Christmas ornaments.

  5. I know what a Toque is, my boys had a hockey coach that was from Canada. You are smart to start early.

  6. i always enjoy my crafty time!! your ornaments look cute, needlepoint??


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