Saturday, February 15, 2014

Inspired Sunday...

I found these two Chapels.... in Museums.....
This chapel is The Elvis Memorial Chapel... at Superstition Mountain Museum...
It was used in the film 'Charro'....for more information on this here

At the Goldfield Ghost Town there was this Chapel...

And what I found interesting...


  1. Interesting! It's good to see that the Goldfield Ghost Chapel is still in use.

    «Louis» posted historic First Presbyterian, Napa, CA.

  2. These are great, the second one looks a lot like a little log chapel my auntie Ragna would take me to on their tractor..without the spire. Lovely photos.

  3. i love the 1st one for all those details. i enjoy the doors.
    2nd one love the bell tower & the wood material - so nice!! i guess it is the stain that makes it stand out so? ( :

  4. ooohhhh Beth, wonderful finds!! I like the first one but......WoW on the second one. The wood, the bell tower and the fact that they are still holding services makes for a really special place!! This would be an awesome place to exchange vows for any couple in love!!

  5. oooohhhhh Bev, I don't know if I made a mistake or auto correct was trying to help me!! Or perhaps I was sidetracked by Beth above me?? I do know who you are ;)

  6. Fantastic photos of these churches. Did you have an opportunity to go inside?

  7. I love them both but I REALLY love the second one.

  8. Really lovely looking chapels, nicely photographed.


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