Friday, February 7, 2014

Yuma Workspace

I have started another quilt. I don't have my good sewing machine, or much space to work in...
BUT Hubby and I both have enough space to do the hobbies we enjoy doing.
I purchased a  table that is perfect on days that I want to work inside.
The problem is...most days I don't want to be inside...
 So I just move on outside where I sew...
 And have a little ...but workable cutting table.

Hubby and I share the table..

And he has a little workshop that he can work in!

Makes us wonder...why we ever thought we needed all that space back home:)!


  1. The Dresden Plate looks great. Someday, I am going to make some DPs. So many projects planned. . .sigh

  2. very nice, great use of whatcha have!

  3. Love, love, "Love" the quilt it will be;)


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