Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Potato Update

Well the potatoes have been popping up...
When they come out of the ground you cover then with more of Mel's mix....

Hubby decided to build a box for them...  it made it easier to cover them...
He filled the box with dirt...but it didn't take long for the potatoes to come thru...
They are now at the point that we will just let them grow and flower....
and see how many potatoes we get from a 4x4 box...with 32 hills!!...

Last count all but 3 had sprouted.
Next update at harvest....


  1. Looks like your garden has taken off and the experiment will be successful.

  2. wow your garden looks even more impressive from this view, nice job! I've planted potatoes in empty rubber tires, in my sort of hippy island living days, the potatoes were so prosperous we shared them with the neighbours and delicious.

  3. so great!! wish i could do this in my yard:)

  4. everything looks great!! i have a very unhealthy relationship with potatoes. i think i am going to plant them next year!!!

  5. I love your square foot garden. Hubby and I started our first garden this year. Such fun. We got three hip-high 6 x 2 ft planters at Sam's Club in AZ and brought them back with us. I can plant and weed without having to get down on my old arthritic knees! Everything's coming up nicely so far. I'll have to show him your blog for inspiration.

  6. I look forward to more updates!

  7. Awesome garden! You'll have a really great crop.

  8. Your garden is looking great! My husband did a different way to garden this year, I should post about it.


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