Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Gardening.... First Step..

This is the first year in our new yard...we both love to garden!
I bought the book Square Food Gardening and this year we will see how this type of gardening goes...
Instead of a railing around our deck, hubby build raised boxes for my garden...as well he build the 4 x 4 boxes. We do have an area for our garden...but the nice thing about this type of gardening... you can put the boxes any where in your yard!
We bought our 'soil' ingredients....Vermiculite, compost, and peat moss!
Then the fun part comes of mixing these all together... AND I did help mix....but I had to take the pictures:)
Then we filled the boxes with the dirt...
 Added the square foot grids..
Planted our seeds...

To Be Continued........


  1. Looks like something I'd like to do. Eagerly watching your progress.

  2. I love the raised box, I'll have to show my husband that.

  3. My young son is into gardening second year but his garden grows so much. Time it grows tall he has a jungle.

    Your hubby is dong a super job. Do you get too much also veggies? My son they are vegetable full and freezer full. Ha-ha. at end of summer. The kids say not carrots and beans again. Ha-ha.

  4. We do most of our vegetable gardening in pots. It works very well!!


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