Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Morning Glory

On my walk this morning in the freshly fallen snow the park office was lit up!
With all the reno's.... I haven't gotten in the Christmas feeling so it's extra special to see the Christmas lights!!

I won't be using my little car today!! This car...or maybe the driver doesn't like driving it on any kind of snow...but tomorrow the snow will be gone and she will be good to go!
This is where we are tucked away when we aren't at our house....Ten more days and the trailer will be parked away for the winter!! Thankful for the warm evenings so we can live in it!!


  1. It's snowing here now. The weatherman predicted 8-10 inches by tomorrow night. I'm thrilled that I don't have to drive anywhere.

    Love the lights on the arch. I rarely decorate for the holidays anymore but love to see all the lights put up by others.

  2. brrr. :) hope you are staying well and happy.


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