Monday, November 23, 2015

Trip to the City

We now live in a small town and shopping is not so great...
We try to support the stores we do have ...but there are things that we have to go to the city for!
We headed out early ...
It is a bit over an hour drive...and a beautiful one!
First stop .... soon we are hoping our house reno's will be done!!

Next...we have friends in the City that we know from Yuma so we met up coffee...
A plus for the day!!
I did enjoy shopping in a few other stores.... I'm not a big shopper....but I must admit it was nice to be in stores that carried such a variety of things!!  I will definitely have to go back before Christmas!!

We returned to a little trailer.... Now back to renovating!!


  1. Hello, pretty sky shot. I know you will be happier when the reno is done.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. It is nice to live in a small town, but yes the shopping can be a challenge, so can certainly appreciate the larger centers. Our small town has less than your small town, but our closest larger center is only 20 minutes away. Even so, the miles on the truck can pile up in a hurry

  3. the pros and cons of living in a small do have to make the most out of those trips to the city!!!

    it's awesome to shop local but at times, unrealistic. those big box stores are necessary for so many thing, especially when renovating!!

  4. I hope you are going to do some posts on the renovation work.


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