Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wild Life Area

This summer we visited the Creston Wildlife Management Area. It is an environmental reserve consisting of waterways, marshes, wetlands, channels, ponds, wildlife, lookout towers, sitting benches, dirt trails, boardwalk paths and an interpretive centre.

The Creston Wildlife Management Area is home to many animals. Some arrive to nest, others to feed. Some stay year round, others just visit. There are over 280 bird species, around 57 mammal species and 30 fish, reptiles and amphibian species in the wildlife management area.

It is a beautiful peaceful place!

We've heard that in the winter when the water freezes... you can skate...ice fish and cross country ski when it snows!!.


  1. It would be fun to explore that beautiful place and so very hard to leave.

  2. I love that last image. I am always excited to find some sort of fungus growing on trees. It makes excellent photo material. Thank you for stopping by Driller's Place. Come back any time.

  3. What a magical peaceful place this looks to be. You should go back in the winter and ice skate.....and then show us photos!

  4. What can I say? We get to do all those sports 7 months (or more) per year. :-}

  5. You guys have seen more beautiful places than most of us ever will! Thank you SO much for sharing your adventures with us 'Arm chair travelers!!'

  6. Cant wait to cross country there:)


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