Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Hard to believe December is here!!!.... When we booked the trailer park in October...we thought we would be in our house by November....and here it is December!!
 But...there were projects we weren't planning on doing...that we did...
With the mess... it was hard to believe that this would actually my Home.....??
 If I wasn't painting walls..... I was down here painting trim...
And (oak) cupboard doors.... oops did I say that??
But here we are....still in a mess...but putting cupboard doors back on...

And starting to move all our' stuff' stored away in the garage into the house.... We wanted to be in December 4th.... I don't think we'll make it!!


  1. Wow, major renovations happening. Once it's finished you can truly call it yours.

  2. But you will be in soon! Just in time to decorate for Christmas! What can you tell me about painting your cabinets? We are thinking of doing that.

  3. Everything takes longer than we think it will!!!! So does this mean no more time in Arizona??

  4. Oh you will so love it once you guys are done! My dad is in the middle of building a shop and then house, and was just telling me they may be traveling in their 5th wheel while they are being built because they aren't in by when they were expecting too. Here's to hoping it is soon for you guys!

  5. ooooh dear, may the force be with you!!!!


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