Thursday, August 18, 2016


We picked 30 pounds of apricots.....

We are enjoying all the fruit we have....and preserving it for the winter months!!

 We canned....
 We dried....
 We made jam... I used a recipe from Mennonite Girls can cook...and yes those are pits in the jam... don't ask why....just because ...but I don't think I'll do the pits another year:) They were a nuisance to get out!!! And I don't really think they do anything??
Pies are yet to come...and as I write this...we have finished processing our peaches as well!


  1. Look at all that preserved gold! Looks like you had help, too. Enjoy the bounty of your trees.

    My neighbor gave me a sack of apricots one year: they made the best jam.

  2. Wow- that's a lot of cooking and drying and canning! But oh what a treat that will be mid-winter!

  3. amazing!!! little secret, when peeps say they "canned" something, i always expect to see a "can", not a "jar", silly me!! everything looks amazing, can you candy this fruit??

    i love that the hubs helps and that you can work in the kitchen together!!! and your labels are so pretty!!!!

  4. Now that is beautiful! I can appreciate all your hard work & I love those pretty labels you used too!


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