Monday, August 29, 2016

A 'Grand" week.......

We were blessed with a visit from our oldest grandchild....
 We kayaked....
to 'pops'favourite area...he calls it Driftwood Paradise!!...and he is a collector!
 He had someone to help him 'collect' rule is if he can't carry it...he doesn't take it...but grands don't follow that rule:)
This was my find at the river...
That evening we had two more grands join us...
We ended the evening with a game of Mexican Train!!


  1. i would love to have a piece for my garden, i will have to start looking when walking the beach. i am always distracted by sea glass!!

    the grands are getting big, i don't have any boys don't seem too interested!!!

    I have never heard of mexican train!!!

  2. Mexican Train is a lot of fun: I played it at my sisters two weeks ago. We had six players, and the two young ones (9 and 11) had a blast.

    I love your "rule" about driftwood.

  3. What a fun family day in paradise! cute little frog hopped along too!

  4. Just a perfect time!!! Loved every photo - and I love that you have people in all but the one of the frog! Your grands are really GRAND!


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