Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Old Finds in the valley...

Walking around town.... we discovered this house in the middle of a residential area...

On a drive....this older irrigation system ...


  1. I love old abandoned houses like that of your first photo........they always seem to draw me near and I find myself wishing for energy and the know how to fix them up again.

  2. Don't you just wonder who used to live in abandoned old places & what happened?
    That's a lovely view across to the mountains!

  3. While some see old buildings as a nuisance or eyesore, I see its history and wonder about the stories they can tell.

  4. the house is interesting, our town has an ordinance about abandon homes. i think it is good to have something like that in place!!

  5. Cool find with the old abandoned house. We still see sprinkler systems like that from time to time around here only not that rusty.


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