Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lundbreck Falls

We were back in Alberta visiting family for the past week....on the way home we stopped at Lundbreck Falls.
 They are a short drive off the highway...
 They are not that large....
But still amazing.... Glad we took the time to check them out! A great stop for a picnic!!


  1. they are gorgeous!! i like the rock formations and the changing colors around them!! i find these scenic stops, off the highway, to be amazing, it's always worth stopping. for sure the case here, your images are beautiful!!!

  2. Beautiful photos of the falls. Don't you love the power of nature.

  3. So glad you stopped for photos to share with us! It is a beautiful spot!
    BTW thanks for your comments today - I thought Downtown when I was visiting too!

  4. A picnic????? That view should at least merit a FEAST!!!! Which is what a simple picnic is in THAT setting!!! So....picnic? What did you eat? Fried chicken? Sandwiches? Fruit and cheese? I hope it included a glass of wonderful wine......

  5. Awesome! Our daughter is back up in the Spokane area, we'll have to catch up there sometime.


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