Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My New Dehydrator...

I had borrowed my son's dehydrator this summer.... then in the mail came a gift from him....our very own dehydrator.... I put it to good use....we picked the extra beets , some carrots and extra  peppers....

My first time drying veggies...(the amount really gets small:) Before the frost comes...we will dry what we haven't used in the garden and have them for stews, soups...and veggie chips !

Then I tried some fruit leather...

A few turned out great... I made some too thin...so we will have peach leather chips:)

 This week I'll try some Pear leather....


  1. Your son knew exactly what you needed and wanted. Enjoy preserving nature's bounty.

  2. what a great way to preserve the garden for winter. i know nothing about dehydrating, do the veggies plump up when you use them later?? they sure do get small!!

  3. I've never seen one before but heard that they are very useful. you are already making good use of it!
    Best wishes!

  4. How fantastic. First time I have seen one of these.


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