Thursday, September 1, 2016


Fall is coming... I'm not a great fan of Alberta, fall means winter is right around the corner and that's snow and cold!!...but here in the Kootenay's.... we actually have a fall...and winter means rain...maybe snow for a little while...but nice mild temperatures!...So I'm going to try to embrace fall! I started working on some fall decorations...

The sunflowers I dried...are ready to decorate with, they turned out better than I thought they would.

Today I started on a couple crafts...
And I finished both...

Now I have to start setting up  the decorations...but my flowers are still blooming ... it's hard to quit summer:)


  1. Your dried sunflowers are super for fall decorations & I LOVE your pumpkin patch! I might just have to make some!

  2. immmm, you just got done telling me you aren't crafty. what are you talking about?? i really like the pumpkin patch, very cute. i have so many decorations, that seriously only about half of them make it out. i have some really beautiful things and i just don't have the energy anymore. i have more decorations for halloween than most people have for christmas. i use to go crazy!!

    your sunflowers came out great!!!

  3. looks great!! love that you did that to your sunflowers too:)

  4. I thought the pretty sunflowers were silk, but real dried sunflowers are even better. Sunflowers are "happy" flowers.

    Love your other autumn crafts, too. Well done.

  5. I am impressed with those sunflowers.

  6. Cute, Cute!!! I love the sunflowers, I didn't plant any this year.

  7. cute pumpkins! beautiful dried flowers.

    i miss fall. texas's winter is mostly a brown-out so it sort of goes from summer to 'winter' here.


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